Saturday, February 24, 2018
Jane Ann Clougher - Studio/Office Manager; Assistant Instructor
JA Clougher2014-Cropped
Jane Ann Clougher was born in Arlington Heights, IL and grew up in Kenosha, WI. She has lived in Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, California, North Carolina and South Carolina. Ms. Clougher is a "West Coast" Blackbelt, having earned her 1st Degree Blackbelt at Kovar's Martial Arts, in Carmichael, CA in December 2o03.  She is also a member of our Guidance On Leadership Development (GOLD) Team. 

She is: 

  • Wife to husband, Scott - also a "West Coast" Blackbelt.
  • Mother to son, Sean - a LifeForce Blackbelt.
  • A Life-long Packer fan!
Her interests include:
  • Reading, watching football, drawing, crafting, spending time with family and martial arts.
  • Teaching Martial Arts and helping to administer the After-school and Summer Kamp programs at LifeForce.