Thursday, January 18, 2018

 Here are just a few things others are saying about LifeForce

Karate & Self-Defense . . .

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By the time Bob was a year old, we knew we had what psychologists call a 'strong-willed' child, one who would have his way no matter what... When Bob came to us in second grade and told us his school was offering karate lessons, we thought that would be the very last thing Bob needed! However, after meeting with the instructor, we decided to give Bob a chance just to see if this idea of 'karate discipline' really made a difference. Bob is now in sixth grade and you could not ask for a more loving and respectful young man. We owe a great deal to Billee Purvis and the entire LifeForce staff for what they have taught Bob over the last four years. We have watched as Billee not only taught Bob and others like him about self-defense, but he has also taught Bob about the love of God and how that love flows through us all, that each of us is morally obligated for our own actions... ...Billee and the Lifeforce staff have saved us years of fighting and frustration with Bob. They have taught Bob to focus his strong will and determination on things that are important. That is why we whole-heartedly support Billee, Sugarr and [staff], and praise their hard work and dedication.

- Keith & Kay

My wife started kickboxing with Lifeforce before I did and at first I was skeptical about what kickboxing was all about. Honestly I thought it was going to be more like aerobics. Was I ever wrong! I was hooked from the first day I started! To this day I'm addicted to kickboxing and look forward to every class. My energy level has been jump-started and I love the casual atmosphere the staff of Lifeforce create. Everyone is always friendly! I highly recommend LifeForce Karate and Self-Defense!

- Jay Wingard

My 5 year old son had been displaying a low ability to concentrate and focus his attention on many things for some time now. His energy level is through the roof and while he is an awesome kid keeping him still or focused has been a real problem. I have been a friend of Billee's and also a student at LifeForce for about three and a half years and my son has been begging me to teach him karate. Even though I thought he would never be still enough to pay attention, much to my surprise after about 1 month of weekly lessons he has shown a vast improvement in his ability to focus on things and has become increasingly more calm and a nicer person to his other 4 siblings. Most important of all is that as Christian parents we have for the first time seen this child tune in to God and has received a real touch in his heart all because we stuck to the LifeForce program of praying intimately with him after each karate lesson because while we've prayed before, it was directly after a lesson where we witnessed him receive from the Lord. I recommend LifeForce Karate to anyone who has a heart for healthier mind, body, and spirit.

- Chief Dennis Bracy

Not only is [my son] enjoying his lessons at LifeForce, it has changed his whole philosophy. It's empowered him to stand up to the bullies at school. It's changed up a lot in that area. I really want to thank you for that...We think your program is great. We love your instructors and, again, I thank you for what you're doing for him.

- A. Alexander

I was able to attend the Black Belt progression demonstration you had. I was duly impressed. I just wanted to let you know that and I would recommend people come there. I just wanted to let you know I was impressed.

- Billy Smith


Mr. Purvis, we thank you and your staff so much. This is the best thing we've ever done for our boys. Our oldest has improved tremendously in his self confidence. I never knew our youngest could be so focused. They'll be doing this for years to come!

- Mike Hagins


LifeForce has given me the confidence to lead people in ROTC and in my work and school careers. I am highly thankful that my parents placed me in this program because it did me a lot of good. As I reflect back on my life after leaving LifeForce, I observe that I use the discipline and the confidence everyday. I had fun and met many new people who became close friends and supporters in and outside of the studio. It was an outstanding education and my parents and I both feel that we received our money's worth. I highly recommend LifeForce to anyone and everyone who is looking for good training and a fun time.

- C. Friendly