Thursday, January 18, 2018

Martial Arts Programs

Contemporary - Traditional KarateMan FrontKick

Basic Program
This program introduces students to many of the benefits of martial arts training: Positive Mental Attitudes, Life Skills, and Personal Protection (includes anti-bullying techniques.) This includes White through Orange Belt training (beginner belt ranks.) Children (as young as 3 years), adult and family classes (for ages 7 years and up) are available. This program could be considered an extended trial, preparing students to make the choice of Black Belt Program or, the ultimate, Leadership Program.
Black Belt Program  BBC Emblem cropped
The Black Belt Program is designed to help our students continue benefiting from martial arts training right on up through 1st Degree Black Belt. 
Leadership ProgramGold Team Emblem
The Leadership Program is designed to help our students gain greater success in all areas of their lives - making seemingly impossible dreams become reality. This program is based on almost 40 years of experience in the martial arts.
The Leadership Program has virtually no restrictions on age, rank or physical ability. Whether the student is in elementary school or an officer for a Fortune 500 company, leaders are selected based on personal merit. Leaders are not born, they are created - created with physical, mental and philosophical experiences and lessons such as those provided in our Leadership Program. This program will take students through the Black Belt Ranks.
M-Power Defenseis a specialized self-protection program that teaches students to successfully defend against an assailant of any size.
After learning to kick and strike correctly and confidently, students will be taken through safe, yet powerful, scenarios and role plays designed to help experience the adrenal "rush" of self-defense without the danger of returned contact or the threat of consequences. These exercises are designed to empower students, to help them overcome the fear that can cause them to "freeze-up" when faced with an aggressor. All of this is accomplished in a safe supportive environment. For this program, students must be 14 years of age and up.
After-School Kamp
We are not a daycare! We do not babysit! Our After-School Kamp is first and foremost about quality Martial Arts Instruction, Positive Attitudes & Character Development.
We don’t do "daycare," we teach "LIFEcare!" Our After-School Kamp has been designed to assist you, as parents, with the tough job of helping your child develop the character and skills he or she needs to consistently perform daily tasks and confidently overcome life’s challenges.
Spring Break Kamp
Kids love our Spring Break Karate Kamp because their time is filled doing fun, exciting activities. Parents love our Karate Kamps because their children’s time is filled doing safe, meaningful activities.
Summer Kamp
We offer Full-Day and Half-Day Kamps. Campers will be exposed to Martial Arts, Life Skills Lessons, Personal Safety (including anti-bullying techniques) and lots of "Disciplined - Fun!"
Your child will return to school with the skills to succeed and great memories of a fun summer camp he or she will never forget!
Arm yourself or your family with Life skills now! Contact Us today to learn more!